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Landscape & Design Services

Full-Service Landscape Design & Maintenance in Wichita


Meadowlark Landscape & Design is a full-service landscaping and design company, which means we can do everything and anything relating to your outdoor area. That means that we can do something as routine as laying down mulch to jobs that are more complex, such as designing and building your brand-new outdoor patio from scratch. We handle all manner of greenery, non-greenery (stone, boulder, and paver installation), water features, outdoor lighting, and much more.


Meadowlark Landscape & Design offers the following services to Wichita area residents.

Landscaping and design are the services that Meadowlark was built upon. It’s our specialty. Not only can we draw up an original design for your outdoor area, we do everything required to bring it to life, right down to the smallest detail. Our lead designer will work with you and your family to create your ideal outdoor living space and then our crew of experienced landscapers will turn that design into a reality.


We can design and install any of the following: greenery (shrubs, trees, mulch, grass, seeding, sod), non-greenery (boulder, stone, paver), edging products (plastic, steel, stone), lighting features, land grading/leveling, and water features.

a garden with flowers


Our ability to design and install one-of-kind outdoor landscapes is what put us on the map in Wichita, but the real trick to landscaping is being able to maintain it. That’s why the team at Meadowlark offers all manner of maintenance services including: lawn mowing and fertilization, weed-spraying, crabgrass prevention, bed maintenance, and even bug and pest control.



A good sprinkler system is the best way to keep Grass properly watered, especially during the summer when we experience dry periods and the areas under trees start to get patchy. Sprinkler systems ensure that your lawn is getting regularly and evenly watered so that it can remain healthy and green. Meadowlark Landscape & Design can perform a top-of-the-line sprinkler installation and perform other services such as backflow testing, repairs, and winterization to ensure they stay in optimal condition.

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Patios are the key ingredient to an outdoor oasis. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting out on the patio with friends and family and enjoying the great outdoors. At Meadowlark Landscape & Design we can create the perfect patio for your home using only the highest-quality materials. Our team has years of experience building patios to spec and within budget to create breathtaking results. We can even add fire pits, lighting solutions, and outdoor grills to elevate your patio experience.


Insect & Pest Treatment Services

When most people search for terms like “mosquito spraying near me” they don’t normally think of landscaping companies, but Meadowlark Landscaping offers mosquito treatments for Wichita residents that are effective and safe. We offer both synthetic and natural treatments that will take out mosquitos as well as other bugs and pests that are related to tree issues. Bees, butterflies, and other “good bugs'' will remain perfectly safe. Our treatments only target pests, such as ticks, chiggers, flies, gnats, and so forth. Once we’ve treated your outdoor area, all you have to do is wait until the treatment dries before resuming normal activities. Depending on rainfall, your outdoor area should remain pest free for approximately 15 to 20 days. If you plan on hosting outdoor get-togethers or want to make sure your pets don’t bring in any unwelcome visitors, this is definitely the treatment for you. 


Seeding Services

Even the lushest of lawns need seeding once in a while. Most homeowners don't know the best times to apply seed or how to protect it from wind, rain, wildlife, and pets while it germinates and grows. Leave seeding your lawn and landscape to the experts at Meadowlark Landscape & Design. We'll help you choose the grass variety that will look and grow best in your yard, and then provide the proper care it needs as it sprouts. And if you're looking for a pollinator-friendly yard, we can transition you to a clover lawn or other haven for beneficial insects.


Snow Removal

People often forget that help is just a phone call away when a big snow or ice storm rolls through. Meadowlark is best known for its greenery and landscaping, but we also do snow and ice removal for commercial properties and office buildings. The next time you need any plowing, shoveling, or de-icing done, the Meadowlark team is ready to help you out.



We’re proud to show off our work because we enjoy each project as much as our clients enjoy the results. Come see why Meadowlark Landscape & Design is consistently called one of the best landscaping companies in Wichita.

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