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Lawn & Tree Care Services

A Better Wichita Lawn Through Chemistry (and Expert Landscape Services)

Don’t let the word “chemicals” intimidate or worry you. With professional selection and application, chemical services for Wichita lawns and landscapes result in healthier outdoor spaces and control unwanted pests and weeds.

Lawn Fertilization

Feed your lawn and grow lush, green grass with our proven five-step program from Meadowlark Landscape & Design!

Fertilization ensures your grass gets adequate nutrients it needs to look healthy and stay thick and full. Our fertilization specialists will examine your grass and soil to determine exactly what your lawn needs and customize our treatment.

Choose an optional grub control treatment add-on for even more protection during your regular Wichita lawn maintenance appointments.

Insect Prevention for Plants and Yard

Insect infestations damage your landscape and the plants in it, which is why it’s vital to get expert pest control help.

Armyworms, white grubs, billbugs, cutworms, chinch bugs, and beetle larvae weaken plants and kill lawns. Stopping an infestation in its tracks requires quick action, so don’t wait to contact a professional landscape service, like Meadowlark, if you suspect a problem.

Weed Control

Dandelions, crab grass, henbit, and other weeds can grow rampant in your lawn, overtaking the grass you’ve intentionally planted and ultimately choking out your flowers and other foliage.

Destructive weed variants require different types of treatments, and we offer a range that won’t harm your garden plants or specialty lawns, like clover.


         Common Wichita Weeds

  • Annual bursage

  • Barnyardgrass

  • Broadleaf dock

  • Broadleaf plantain

  • Brome

  • Buckhorn plantain

  • Bull thistle

  • Carpetweed

  • Cheatgrass

  • Chickweed

  • Corn speedwell

  • Crabgrass

  • Curly dock

  • Dandelion

  • Fleabane

  • Foxtail

  • Groundsel

  • Hairy galinsoga

  • Junglerice

  • Lanceleaf groundcherry

  • Mayweed

  • Pokeweed

  • Thistle

  • Sorrel

  • And more

Chemical Services for Trees

Chemical services aren’t just for your lawn! Meadowlark Landscape & Design can also help you keep your trees healthy so they grow to their full potential.


The ArborJet Injection System addresses issues with insects, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and soil. Available for year-round application, the system treats:

  • Systemic insect pest control, with one- to two-year coverage, to prevent bagworms and other infestations

  • Iron chlorosis, which causes yellowing leaves due to iron deficiency

  • Plant health treatments to help control disease


Our experts inject these treatments directly into your tree, much like you’d receive an inoculation or injection to treat a health condition. Each treatment is customized to the tree.

Take control of your landscape with chemical services from Meadowlark.

Pest and weed control is easy with our help. 

Call us: (316) 880-0227 or Schedule a visit.

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