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Meadowlark Landscape & Design was founded in 2012 and has dedicated itself to becoming the best landscaping company in the Wichita area. Our company operates on the foundation of experience, building long-lasting client relationships, and constantly improving our designs, products, and technique. We also pride ourselves on rising to any challenge and devising creative solutions. If you can imagine it, the team at Meadowlark can make it a reality. There’s no job our team can’t do.



Luke Clouse


Before founding Meadowlark Landscape & Design Inc., company owner Luke Clouse studied graphic design, horticulture, and landscape design at Wichita Area Technical College. After gaining industry experience and developing several client relationships in the Wichita area, Luke decided to put his knowledge and business acumen to the test and launched Meadowlark Landscape & Design.
Recognizing early on in his career that quality customer service must be top-tier, Luke approaches each project as an opportunity to prove Meadowlark is the best landscaping and design company in the great city of Wichita. Luke feels that every client – no matter what their budget or size of the project – deserves five-star work. He accomplishes this through hiring the very best in the landscaping business and cultivating great relationships with both clients and vendors.
Luke has a cumulative total of 25 years of experience in the field that he uses on a daily basis to provide quality work and customer satisfaction. Even though Luke is the owner, he works hard right alongside his crew. Whether it’s pruning, mowing, irrigation, or creating beautiful landscapes – Luke takes a hands-on approach to ensure his client’s vision of the perfect landscape is being realized and they’re 100% satisfied.  
Luke has been happily married to his beautiful wife, Crystal. Together they are the proud parents of three wonderful boys: Eli, Cale, and Corvin.

Nick Jacks.jpg

Nick Jacks

Chief of Operations

Nick graduated from Northwest High School in 2007. After high school, he studied Business Management at Butler Community College and Friends University. Following college, Nick landed a position as an office manager that he later stepped away from to help Luke start Meadowlark as the Maintenance Manager. Nick wears many hats - working out in the field as well as helping manage the social media accounts and bid jobs. His favorite part of working for Meadowlark Landscape & Design is being able to use his creativity when designing landscapes.
Nick is a tremendously hard worker. Luke says, “He is very passionate about what we do and is always involved in the decision-making process. We are very grateful to have him on our team!”

Ryan Orth.jpg

Ryan Orth

Lawn & Tree Maintenance Manager

Ryan graduated from Andale High School in 1997. He then went on to study art, anthropology, and history at Wichita State University. Ryan has 25 years of experience in the field and leads our lawn and tree care maintenance division. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to tree and shrub care, especially those native to Kansas. Any time a question comes up regarding trees, grass, or bugs, we go to Ryan.
He is also very talented when it comes to construction services such as building walls, patios, pergolas, and outdoor entertainment areas. Ryan is a perfectionist when it comes to his work and strives to ensure customer satisfaction. Ryan keeps everyone on the team laughing while completing his work quickly and efficiently. We are so glad he's part of our Meadowlark family!


Katie Williams

Office Administrator

Katie joined the Meadowlark team in 2021 to fill the roll as Office Administrator and has helped us take the next step in becoming the type of company we strive to be. Katie keeps us in line and on track when things are hectic and helps prepare the company during the winter for the upcoming season. Katie is extremely disciplined, organized, and thorough with every project or task presented.


Matt Montgomery

Maintenance Manager

Matt joined the Meadowlark team in 2020, filling the Maintenance Manager position. With the gift of being a visionary, he has enhanced Meadowlark's existing job estimating and scheduling practices and is able to share the Meadowlark vision with the crew in a way that empowers them in their roles. Matt's true passion is snow removal and with his expertise, he has led Meadowlark's snow removal department to the next level.


Matt Gee

Sales Consultant and Hardscape Designer

Matt joined the Meadowlark team in 2021 as a Sales Consultant and Hardscape Designer. Matt has brought an abundance of industry knowledge. He is extremely methodical, disciplined, and deliberate with his actions which has helped everyone around him become better at their own job. Matt enjoys being in the field interacting, educating, and even getting his hands dirty with the crews on projects he has designed and/or sold.


Eli Clouse

Hardscape/Landscape Specialist

Eli joined the Meadowlark team in 2017. Eli started as a floater, so any crew that needed a hand that day he would jump in to fill the role needed. This helped him learn an abundance of different skills which has made him extremely versatile. Eli quickly found his home within the landscape department where his work ethic and strength helped bolster an already great crew. As we began to dive more into hardscaping we saw a spark in Eli and watched him really grow into the man and employee he is today.


Jordan Clouse

Lawn & Tree Technician

Jordan graduated from Andale High School in 2012. Following high school, Jordan joined the Meadowlark team. Jordan enjoys the instant gratification of working outdoors but his favorite part of the job is that he gets to enjoy the people he works with in a laid-back environment. Jordan is fully trained in lawn and tree maintenance.
According to Luke, “Jordan is growing into a great leader who is observant and works incredibly hard. There is no task that Jordan can’t figure out how to complete. Luke receives compliments on what great work Jordan does. We are grateful to have him as a part of our team!”


Eric Valles

Hardscape/Landscape Foreman

Eric joined the Meadowlark team in 2019. With 20 years in the industry, Eric brought a ton of knowledge and experience to the Meadowlark team. Eric excels in many different departments, but has found his niche in hardscaping. Something that sets Eric apart is his ability to problem solve on the spot to complete any task efficiently and precisely.


Victor Ceballos

Irrigation Install Foreman

Victor joined the Meadowlark team in 2019. Coming in with 20 years of irrigation installation and service experience, Victor brought a new element to Meadowlark that helped the team and company grow. Victor possesses a work ethic that is unmatched and is a well of talent and knowledge when it comes to his craft. There is not an irrigation problem he can't figure out. Victor is respected by every employee at the company and has done a remarkable job at training new employees up to his high standards. 


Gabriel Ceballos

Irrigation Service Technician

Gabriel joined the Meadowlark team in 2019. With 25 years of irrigation service and installation under his belt, Gabriel brought an abundance of knowledge to the company. Not only did he bring knowledge, he brought the jokes and pranks that have only helped increase our already great company atmosphere. Gabriel found his home in the irrigation service department and has excelled due to his fantastic customer service and attention to detail.


Alex McGinnes

Lawn & Tree Care Technician

Alex joined the Meadowlark team in 2020. Alex came to Meadowlark with a military and banking background. With his intelligence, willingness to learn, and great work ethic, Alex fit in quickly and found his home in Meadowlark's Landscape Maintenance department. Alex is very detail oriented and thorough with every job. Alex is currently transitioning to our Lawn Care department and we are excited to watch him continue to grow within the company.


Ali Ure


Ali graduated from Morgan High School located in Utah in 2012. She then married her husband Austin in May of 2016 and together they have a beautiful daughter named Kendall. Ali attended Utah State University where she received her degree in Residential Landscape Design & Construction in 2019. After graduation, she worked for A&D Landscaping in Logan, UT installing and maintaining landscapes. After A&D, she did some freelance design work and then joined the Meadowlark team January of 2020 as our first hired designer outside of Luke. Ali’s designs bring in touches of her personality and deeply enrich the Meadowlark portfolio. Her work can be seen all throughout Wichita including the new Nies Freestone models. When asked what her favorite part of being a designer was, she answered: “my favorite part of being a designer is the transformative nature of the work. I find joy in designing beautiful spaces that also serve a function and bring value to people’s lives. It’s incredibly rewarding to see a project through from start to finish, and to know that I am helping make a positive impact on the environment and communities around me.” Ali recently moved back to Utah; however we are so thrilled to still have her working remotely as a part of our team. 


Jesus Ceballos

Landscape Foreman

Chuey began working for us in Spring of 2022 on the landscape installation team. With his intense focus and work ethic, he quickly excelled in his position and was running our second (and brand new) landscape installation crew by the fall. He. Works. Hard. And when we say hard, we mean management has to make him stop working sometimes because he will just keep going on his seemingly endless battery. When asked what he likes about his job, Chuey says he enjoys being creative and getting to use his brain. When asked what he likes the most about Meadowlark, he says that he enjoys that the team is really friendly, full of good people, and he likes everyone.

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