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Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Keep the Yard Looking Green and Lush with Inground Sprinklers from our Wichita, KS Landscaping Company

To remain healthy, your lawn needs the right amount of irrigation at the right time. A lawn sprinkler system takes the guesswork out of watering your yard.

Our Wichita landscaping team designs and installs lawn irrigation systems so your grass grows as beautifully as possible, even in the hottest, driest seasons.

Not Your Dad’s Lawn Sprinklers

The latest sprinkler technology makes lawn irrigation easy and effective; never traipse around your yard, dragging water hoses ever again.

When you choose a lawn sprinkler system, our installation experts will strategically place sprinkler heads around your property to maximize irrigation effectiveness while conserving water. Every system is set up with a:


  • Shut-off valve, which serves as the master switch for turning the flow of water off and on.

  • Controller, which allows you to program and operate your new sprinklers. 


More advanced in-ground sprinklers can include elements such as:


  • Rain shut-off devices, which detects precipitation and turns off your sprinkler system.

  • Mini weather stations with rain, wind, and freeze sensors with certain irrigation timers.

  • Wi-Fi controllers, upon request, which give you control over your entire system.

Drip irrigation zones, for slower, customized watering of certain plants.

Lawn Sprinkler Installation Near Me

Meadowlark Landscape & Design serves the greater Wichita, Kansas area with a spectrum of landscaping services and expertise, including sprinkler system installation. Call us at (316) 880-0227 to request an estimate.

In-Ground Sprinkler Maintenance

Our Wichita, KS landscaping company performs regular sprinkler maintenance to keep your system flowing.

  • Backflow testing

  • Repairs

  • Winterization

  • Part replacement

  • And more

Common Lawn Sprinkler System Questions

Won’t a sprinkler system run up my water bill?
Using more water will always result in a higher water bill. However, a strategically-placed in-ground sprinkler system can actually save water as compared to manually moving a hardware-store sprinkler around your property. Meadowlark Landscape & Design will fine-tune your system to deliver the right amount of water in the right place, so water never goes to waste. Ask us how.

Do I need to hire a landscaping company to take care of my sprinkler system?
We highly recommend contacting us for sprinkler system maintenance and repair.

If I get an in-ground sprinkler system, am I still in control of when they run?

Absolutely! Our Wichita, KS landscaping team will set up your new system to run when your lawn needs water, but also on a schedule that works for you. And because your system is outfitted with a controller, you can indicate when it should or shouldn’t run.

The Grass Really Is Greener

Turn your neighbors’ heads because of our top-of-the-line sprinkler system installation.

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