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Landscape Maintenance

The Grass is Always Greener on the Side Our Wichita, Kansas, Landscaping Company Takes Care Of!

Proper landscaping maintenance requires knowledge, time, and effort - and when your landscape needs help, you’ll want to call in the professionals at Meadowlark Landscape & Design, serving the Wichita, Kansas, area.

Our team of landscaping experts are dedicated to keeping your lawn and garden beds looking their best all year with a full range of services for healthy grass, flowers, and other plantings.


Book in advance of spring and summer to secure your spot on our schedule.

Lawn Care Services in Wichita, KS

Take lawn mowing out of your busy schedule with lawn care services from Meadowlark. Our mowing method keeps grass healthy and helps prevent problems like crown damage, which can make your lawn more susceptible to weeds or bare patches.

To keep your lawn green and lush, start with our basic three-season lawn care services:

  • Mowing

  • Seeding

  • Aerating

Our crew arrives at your home and leaves your property in better condition than we found it in. We’ll develop your lawn’s ideal care schedule, so you can dedicate your free time to other tasks you really love.

Weed Control and Crabgrass Prevention

Dreaming of a lawn that looks as good as a lush golf course? Meadowlark Landscape & Design can help!

A velvety, thick lawn requires more than mowing to stay looking beautiful and healthy. Weed control and crabgrass prevention eliminate the undesirable texture that weeds add to your lawn as they choke out your grass.

Add weed control and crabgrass prevention to your Wichita landscaping services from Meadowlark to work toward achieving the type of lawn you can brag about.

Landscape Flower Bed Maintenance

For more complete landscape maintenance, add professional flower bed care to your landscaping service.

Our crew will tend to your flower beds weekly, twice a month, or as often as you need. During our visits, we:


  • Trim shrubs

  • Clean up flower beds

  • Deadhead annual flowers

  • Apply fertilizer as needed


Our weed spot-spray and pre-emergent treatments keep your garden beds free of weeds, for a landscape worthy of a magazine cover.

Ask us about how to get a discount for this add-on service.

Outdoor Pest Control

Keep common garden pests in check with our outdoor pest control services. We’ll identify your garden’s problem insects and develop a treatment plan that targets and eliminates them, plus helps prevent their return later in the season.


Common garden pests in Wichita like aphids, leaf miners, Japanese beetles, mites, and more, can damage plants so severely, they stop producing flowers, and certainly no longer look their best.


Let us formulate a treatment to keep your landscape beds safe from these unwanted insects. Say goodbye to garden pests with help from Meadowlark.

Don’t let your landscape wilt away! Contact Meadowlark for Wichita, KS, landscaping today.

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