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Freestone Transitional

With a blend of soft lines and hard edges and a combination of different textures such as rough cedar and smooth slabs, we have created a concept that we call “Transitional.”

Transitional Freestone

The blending of straight lines and softened edges underscores the transitional landscape design style. The combination of contemporary hardscapes with a more traditional softscape creates a unique marriage of styles that is sure to please. Plant materials are low maintenance by selecting a mixture of textures and vibrant foliage that result in year round interest. By utilizing large format pavers and a bold, contrasting border the patio provides the perfect entertainment space. The custom outdoor grill station featuring a high end built in grill creates a functional extension of the home. The integrated lighting gives a beautiful glow leading you to the front door. 

Hardscape Elements

  • Unilock Patio

    • Uniock Beacon Hill Flagstone - Fossil

    • Unilock Copthorne Soldier Row - Basalt

    • Jointing sand - Jet Black

  • Custom Lineo Grill

    • Blaze 4 Burner Grill + Cover

Landscape Elements

  • FX Luminaire low voltage outdoor lighting

  • Plant material highlight

    • Columnar Blue Atlas Cedar

    • Purple Pillar Althea

    • Orange Rocket Barberry

    • Taylor Juniper

    • Amur Maple

Project Gallery

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