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Kansas Lawn Pests to Watch for This Spring

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Schedule Lawn Pest Control at the First Sign of Infestations

As the weather warms and the world turns green again, Kansans celebrate spring. But with spring, come lawn pests that you should be aware of. Thankfully, you can address or prevent infestations by knowing signs of these pests’ arrivals and opting for lawn pest control right away.

Protect Your Green Spaces with Lawn Pest Control

In Central Kansas, lawns and landscape plants are prone to pesky insect infestations that can potentially damage your lawns and landscapes. Being observant to changes in your lawn and contacting Meadowlark to schedule lawn pest control service at the first sign of an infestation is the best way to stop these pests in their tracks.

In fact, preventative lawn care isn’t always the best course of action. It’s better to rely on professionals to treat your yard for a particular issue, when insects can be spotted. This way, your treatment plan is customized for your yard, protects beneficial insects like vital pollinators, and reduces chemical exposure to pets and humans.

Watch for these common insects and their telltale signs.

  • Armyworms: Armyworms are the larval stage of certain moth varieties. Technically caterpillars, they dine on your turfgrass, creating brown patches. They can even gobble up all your grass in 24 to 72 hours! To test if armyworms are damaging your lawn, pour soapy water on the edges of the patch of brown grass. Armyworms hate soap and will come crawling out of the ground to escape it.

  • Cutworms: The cutworm gets its name because of what it does to your plants: cuts them off at the stem. They attack garden plants, as well as decorative ones, and don’t particularly mind dining on leaves and buds, too. They curl their bodies around their food as they eat. If you live near farm fields, you may experience cutworms in your lawn. These night feeders are easiest to spot a couple of hours after sunset.

Reduce Grub Damage with Lawn Chemical Services

Grubs are insect larvae. The kind our professional technicians see most often are June bug larvae and far more rarely, billbug larvae. These white grubs feed on the roots of your lawn, reducing it to a straw-like, patchy mess that is generally yellow or brown in color.

Property owners can opt to treat for grubs as a standalone service, or you can add a grub control treatment to your Wichita, KS lawn care regimen in June or July.

Control Mosquitoes So You Can Enjoy Your Yard

Mosquitoes are found all over the world and are not unique to the Wichita area. You simply cannot avoid them outdoors as they buzz around your face and body, waiting to strike. This is why so many homeowners in our area opt for mosquito control services.

After we apply mosquito control solutions in and around your backyard, reduced mosquito populations are less likely to be such a bother.

Tree Chemical Services Can Help Prevent Tree Pests

Trees are strong and mighty, but they also can be susceptible to nutrient imbalances and disease. In fact, some tree diseases and the pests that cause them are rapid in their spread, so you need to be observant to changes in your trees.

A Wichita, KS lawn care, landscaping, and lawn pest control company like Meadowlark Landscape & Design can help you keep your trees healthy and free from damaging pests and disease. Using our ArborJet Injection System and year-round applications, we can treat or prevent tree pests like bagworms and diseases like chlorosis, a nutrient deficiency.

Just as you would receive an inoculation or other medication injection at your doctor’s office, your tree can receive these treatments by injection, too. Other methods include sprays or drenches. Each treatment is customized to your tree’s needs, based on its age, condition, size, and species.

Lawn Pest Control Treatment Schedule Recommendations

The timing at which homeowners request lawn chemical services depends on a number of factors. However, most lawns require a similar general schedule to maintain health and beauty, starting in early spring and ending in the winter.

Lawn chemical services are provided based on the type of pests present in your yard or landscape and the time of year they would normally appear. For example, if your lawn had issues with a white grub infestation last year, you would need a lawn pest control treatment as they emerge in mid-June.

Book Wichita, KS Lawn Care and Lawn Pest Control Services with Meadowlark

Don’t wait until insects are bugging you and your lawn! With spring rapidly approaching, it is time to schedule lawn care services with a reliable local company staffed by experts: Meadowlark Landscape & Design.

Contact us online to request a consultation and estimate and to begin scheduling services for this spring, summer, and early fall.

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