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Growing Greener: Top Tips for Spring Lawn Care

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Wondering How to Prepare Your Lawn for Summer? Look No Further Than Meadowlark Landscape & Design!

Signs of spring are starting to show - bees buzzing, birds singing, and the first flowers of the season just opening. These indications should also tell you it is time to give your lawn some well-deserved TLC.

After the harsh winter months, your garden is not the only landscaping that demands extra attention. Spring lawn care is a must if you want to ensure your grass grows lush and green all season long.

To help you get started, we are sharing our top tips on how to prepare your lawn for summer.

Spring Lawn Care Starts With Raking

Most homeowners think about raking during autumn to collect fallen leaves, but the same needs to be done in spring to remove thatch thicker than a half an inch.

Thatch is a layer of living and dead organic material that accumulates between the base of the grass plants and the soil surface. Some thatch is okay, helping to naturally protect the soil’s moisture and nutrients, but too much and it can be detrimental to your lawn’s overall health.

Turfgrasses are somewhat vulnerable in early spring, though, so it is best to only start raking when your grass begins to green.

When your lawn is ready, use a flexible leaf rake to thoroughly, but gently break up the thatch. If you find grass blades sticking together, this may be a disease known as snow mold. It is especially important to rake these patches, as new growth will have more difficulty getting through.

Aeration May Be Necessary

Aeration is not a standard step in spring lawn care, but in some cases, it may be essential. Soil can become too compacted in yards with heavy traffic, and as a result, existing grass is stunted from further growth.

When this happens, you will need a lawn aerator to create holes in the turf so water and air can reach the grass roots. Most hardware stores have lawn aerators for rent if you have a larger lawn. For smaller plots, you can use a hand aerator. (Or simply find lawn care services near you!)

Because aeration holes make ideal germination spots for weeds, you should not aerate your lawn unless you absolutely have to. Memorial Day is generally a good time, because weeds have started to grow, but they have not yet gone to seed.

Test Your Soil During Spring Lawn Care

When most people think about lawn care prep, their minds immediately go to their grass. However, understanding your soil is just as important.

A test can identify your lawn’s soil makeup - whether it be sand, silt, or clay - while also providing valuable insights on the microorganisms and nutrients that are present.

Having your soil evaluated will ultimately give you a better grasp on your overall soil health. This will allow you to make a more informed decision about any necessary treatments as well, helping your lawn and garden thrive now and for years to come.

Determine If Your Lawn Needs Overseeding Later in the Year

Grass seed is typically put down in the fall, as it tends to germinate more reliably. Still, evaluating your grass as part of spring lawn care can be a great step in preparation.

Overseeding refers to sowing seed on top of what is already there. Some people choose to only focus on the areas that visibly require it, but it is also quite popular to overseed the whole lawn to promote an even and thick blanket of grass.

If you notice bare patches across your yard this season, it’s likely you’ll need seeding when the weather begins to cool off again. Our seeding services will help you enjoy a picture-perfect lawn without the stress of doing it yourself. We use specialized lawn fertilizers and provide ongoing care that ensures brilliant results.

Keep in mind that our books can fill up quickly in fall. By assessing your lawn ahead of time, you can beat the rush and have scheduled service already in place.

Feed Your Lawn to Grow Lush, Green Grass

Fertilizing your grass is another crucial aspect of spring lawn care. It can be done organically, using compost or lawn clippings, or chemically through fast-acting treatments.

Do not let the word “chemicals” worry you, though. These fertilizers are packed with nutrients to simply speed up the process and help your lawn flourish faster.

Using our proven five-step program, lawn fertilization is one of our many specialties. Our experts will examine your grass and soil to determine a custom treatment for your lawn’s unique needs.

Control Weeds With Spring Lawn Care

Although dandelions add a bright spot of color, they do not do any good for the health of your lawn. These and other common Wichita weeds can overtake the grass you have intentionally planted and even choke out flowers and other foliage in your yard.

To keep weeds in check, you will want to apply a pre-emergent or post-emergent herbicide. You may even need to use both for tougher weed varieties like crabgrass.

Take note that pre-emergent herbicides work against grass seeds as well. If overseeding is on your spring lawn care to-do list, you do not want to put down a pre-emergent herbicide because it will thwart growth. If weed control is more important, however, put off overseeding until fall.

So many weeds require different treatment methods, making it overwhelming to figure out right from wrong. Our landscaping professionals have the knowledge, tools, and skills to keep your yard as weed-free as possible.

Roll Out the Green Carpet with Lawn Care Services Near You

When you need help with spring lawn care, there is really only one choice - Meadowlark Landscape & Design!

On top of our design and landscaping services, we have made a name for ourselves in Wichita, KS, lawn care. From mowing and seeding to fertilization and weed control, we provide comprehensive maintenance that boosts the beauty of your outdoor space and your home’s overall curb appeal.

To learn more about how to prepare your lawn for summer, contact our team today. Call (316) 880-0227 or send us a message by filling out our online form.

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