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5 Tips for Planning Summer Lawn Care in Wichita, KS, During Other Seasons

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Fall and Winter Are Important Times for Securing Landscaping Services

For many Wichita residents, a lush, green lawn is their pride and joy - a showpiece of their home. But it takes a lot of work and planning to keep it that way, and unfortunately, the average property owner doesn’t have the time or knowledge to do it. This is where a Wichita, KS lawn care service comes in. Not only can a landscaping company keep your yard looking its best, but using one gives homeowners time to consider next steps in upgrading their lawns or planting gorgeous landscaping. This winter is perfect to use that time to begin thinking about spring and summer.

In Fall, Fertilize Your Lawn

Your lawn needs nitrogen year-round, but over the winter, nitrogen is even more important. Nitrogen is the element responsible for helping plants make chlorophyll, the stuff that makes plants green and that is necessary for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process plants undergo to nourish themselves. Your lawn also needs phosphorus to encourage growth of healthy roots and potassium, which strengthens your lawn and helps it resist disease and drought. Potassium is also an important fertilizer ingredient. Specialized fertilizer for winter is generally applied in November. Wichita, KS landscapers can help select the right fertilizer for your lawn and our climate.

Get On the Books Now for Lawn Care in Wichita, KS

If you plan to hire a lawn or landscaping service for the spring and summer, winter is a great time to sign up. Landscaping companies like Meadowlark are generally less busy over the winter months and are planning their warm-weather schedules. If you wait too long, you may not get your preferred lawn care schedule based on the landscaping company’s availability. Some companies will not be able to accommodate you at all, and you might find yourself settling for a second-rate Wichita landscaping service out of desperation.

Keep Personal Lawn Care Equipment in Good Working Order

The off-season is the perfect time to ensure your lawnmower, weedeater, leaf blower, and other lawn equipment has received the right maintenance and care. Doing so can help to ensure they are ready for use when spring finally arrives. Small engine experts at your local hardware store can recommend steps to take to care for your equipment and guide you to a reputable repair facility. You can also find great deals on lawn equipment during the winter season because it is a less popular time to acquire tools. Watch for lower prices throughout the season so you can save a bundle.

Think About Hardscape Options

The winter season allows you to identify where on your lawn that snow drifts tend to settle or mud patches tend to form after wet weather. You can use this information to begin planning hardscaping, such as walkways, rock walls, bordered flower beds, and patios. Winter also gives you time to ponder how you might use your outdoor spaces in the coming spring and summer so you can make the best decision for your Wichita landscaping.

Keep Snow Melt Products Off Your Lawn

Wichita’s cold, icy winters necessitate the use of ice-melt products, such as rock salt or other chemicals, so that we can safely traverse driveways and sidewalks. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals are highly toxic to plants (and pets!), even in small amounts. The chloride salts in rock salt pull moisture from plants, leading to shriveled looking shrubs, dry leaf tips, and dead leaves. You can protect your lawn and the plants around your driveway by choosing salt-free, plant-safe ice melt products. These eco-friendly products are easy to find at your local hardware store and are made of urea, rather than chloride salts. You also should shovel snow away from vegetation and consider watering your lawn on warm days after snowfall to help disperse and water down any existing road salt sprays. By preventing ice melt damage over the winter, you can ensure any plans you make for your outdoor spaces can move forward without a hitch during the summer.

Get Professional Wichita, KS Lawn Care from Meadowlark Landscape & Design

Ensure your lawn sprinklers are in good working order, have gorgeous landscape design installed, and care for your flower beds and plantings all year round with help from Meadowlark Landscape & Design in Wichita.

Our landscaping service is backed by years of expertise so that we can offer a full spectrum of Wichita, KS lawn care, landscape maintenance, and other services to keep your property looking its best.

Learn more about our service offerings and request a consultation via our website.

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