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Sagebrush Farmhouse

Marked by it’s wood burning fire place, moss boulders and chopped stone edging accents, this landscape and hardscape design is inspired by natural country gardens by incorporating a variety of textures and colors that create character and

Farmhouse Freestone

The traditional landscape style is influenced by natural country gardens that are not typically found in the city. You are immediately enveloped by a rustic feel by the incorporation of many varieties of shrubs and perennials that results in character and depth that is ever evolving throughout the year. The addition of chopped stone and boulders further creates the farmhouse experience. The wood burning outdoor fireplace and large patio creates a grand outdoor living space. By using richly colored pavers inspired by natural cut flagstone you will experience a timeless look and feel. The entire landscape is enhanced by subtle outdoor lighting that produces a unique ambiance. 

Hardscape Elements

  • Unilock Patio

    • Uniock Beacon Hill Flagstone - Alpine Grey

    • Unilock Brussels Dimensional/Block - Limestone

    • Unilock Ledgestone - Buff

    • Jointing sand - Stone Grey

  • Unilock custom fireplace

    • Unilock Estate Wall - Granite

    • Unilock Brussels Block - Limestone

    • Ledgestone Coping and Pillar Cap - Buff

    • Woodland wood burning fireplace insert

Landscape Elements

  • FX Luminaire low voltage outdoor lighting

  • Moss boulders

  • Tumbled edging stone - Blue/Grey

  • Plant material highlight

    • Karl Fuchs Deodara Cedar

    • Berri Magic Holly

    • Dwarf Korean Lilac

    • Bosnian Pine

Project Gallery

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