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Hawkshead Fusion

This one of a kind garden will keep you guessing with surprises around every corner.

European Outdoor Oasis

Inspired by European travel the beautifully designed gardens take you on a journey at every turn. Elegant art peeks out of well placed shrubbery, bathes in fountains, and acts as strategic focal points throughout the landscape. Natural stone was used to create a drystack border that stretches 300 plus feet around the outside of the property, herringbone planter boxes, and pathways. Unilock Rivercrest was used for pillars and walls to give the natural stone look while bringing a strong structure for heavy artwork. Thousands of boxwoods were planted to bring structure and break up sections of the gardens so every section of the garden feels like a new garden unlike the one you just left. Every visit to Hawkshead gardens is a new experience, from the new scents of the ever blooming David Austin roses, the different perennials popping up throughout the seasons, and the unique pieces of art. A wonderful ever changing landscape that we can't get enough of.


  • Design

  • Landscaping

  • Hardscaping

  • Irrigation and drainage

  • Waterfeatures

  • Outdoor lighting

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