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Why Winter Is the Best Time to Plan Your Hardscaping Projects

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

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With cooler temperatures and the threat of seasonal inclement weather upon us, thinking about how you’ll spend time outdoors is probably the last thing on your mind. But truthfully, winter is the perfect time to begin planning landscape projects for a variety of reasons. And our landscape designers are standing by to help you create the perfect outdoor spaces, including hardscaping like patios, walls, walkways, firepits, and more. Keep reading to find out why.

You Have Time to Reflect on How You Enjoyed The Outdoors Last Summer

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons Wichita property owners decide to add hardscaping to their lawns and gardens is because they identified a need during the warmer months. For example, if your family spent time around an outdoor dining table, but it was located in the middle of your grassy lawn, you might want to consider a new patio. Alternatively, if your dog frequents a specific path through your yard, a hardscape walkway can help prevent further wear and tear on your topsoil and lawn.

Consider how you used your outdoor spaces during the summer in order to make plans this winter.

Your Plans Will Not Interfere with Seasonal Events

As you traipse around your property, take measurements, and consider hardscape design, be thankful that it is winter, and you do not need to make your plans around summer pool parties, family gatherings, or holiday barbecues. You will have the chance to experience your yard in its natural state and may even be able to better visualize how your new patio, pathway, or garden walls will look, especially without the splendor of seasonal blooms.

You Have Plenty of Time to Perfect Hardscape Design

When you partner with a landscape designer, they can create plans to completely overhaul your lawn and garden. They’ll ask you how you use your outdoor spaces and how you want to use them. Then, they’ll create a drawing that will help you understand what your property will look like once landscapers in Wichita, KS have completed the work. Because there is plenty of time over the winter to finalize your landscape plan, your end result will be perfect for your lifestyle and the garden style you love.

There’s Less Collateral Damage During Hardscaping Installation

During peak blooming and growing season, your landscape is filled with gorgeous plants and foliage. But during winter, a more stark Wichita landscape makes for the perfect backdrop for installing hardscaping, like stone patios. Living - not dormant - grass and shrubs can be negatively affected during the implementation of your new hardscape. However, if the temperatures are warm enough to install in the winter, these living plants are in hibernation and will be less stressed by all the commotion and footsteps around them.

To Do Now: Add a Firepit to Your Hardscaping and Put It To Use Right Away

Stay warm and cozy in your backyard, even in the winter, by adding a firepit to your hardscaping. Be sure to consider local laws before choosing where to place your new firepit or outdoor fireplace; some locales require them to be placed a certain distance away from structures. A hardscape designer can help you determine how to best lay out your outdoor space for recreational use, and before you know it, your whole family will be roasting marshmallows and staying toasty, even while outdoors.

We Are Now Booking Hardscaping Projects for Spring

Perhaps the best reason to start thinking about hardscape design now is that it gives you ample time to get on our schedule when the days get longer and warmer. We are now booking for the spring and early summer, and you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to beautify your Wichita landscaping and make it more useful to you and your family. Whether you’re looking to add a natural stone patio, want to create pathways throughout your property, or need a garden wall to divide spaces, Meadowlark Landscape & Design provides hardscaping near you! Contact our team to learn more about what we can do for your lawn and garden. And do not forget that we are also booking for spring and summer lawn care and landscaping services, including mowing, seeding, and aerating; lawn sprinkler system installation and maintenance; weed control; and outdoor pest control. Be sure to mention everything you need for your lawn in conversation with our Wichita landscaping professionals.

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