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Why Meadowlark is Your Go-To Source for Lawn Pest Control

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Schedule Lawn Pest Control and More with Wichita’s Leading, Full-Service Landscaper

A well-maintained landscape is certainly a sight to behold. An impeccable lawn, show-stopping flower beds, and functional yet beautiful hardscaping elements all contribute to a picturesque paradise seemingly straight out of a magazine.

But all the hard work and effort you have put into creating your dream outdoor space can be undone in an instant if you neglect to mitigate pests in your yard. If given the opportunity, insects will take over your landscape and wreak havoc on everything in it.

With this in mind, it is crucial you are proactive about stopping an infestation before it starts. We specialize in Wichita lawn pest control and can help you take charge of your landscape with a combination of chemistry and unparalleled expertise.

Keep reading to learn more about why you should trust Meadowlark Landscape & Design for pest control for your lawn.

We Have Years of Experience with Lawn Pest Control

Our professionals are no strangers to the world of landscaping and lawn maintenance. Since 2012, we have remained dedicated to becoming your number one landscaping resource in the Wichita area. Ask any one of our team members, and you will find that they are passionate about what we do and the clients we serve.

And while we pride ourselves on being experts in our field, we are committed to constantly looking for ways to improve our processes, products, and techniques. We believe there are always opportunities to grow and develop new solutions - whether that is through lawn pest control or one of our other services.

We Understand the Wichita Landscape

Corporate landscaping companies use the same lawn pest control and mosquito spraying treatments on every yard, failing to formulate a solution that truly suits the local landscape.

As Wichita residents ourselves, we are familiar with the insects that live here and the plants they affect. Common garden pests like aphids, leaf miners, Japanese beetles, and mites can damage plants so severely in some cases that they stop producing flowers and begin to lose their eye-catching beauty.

With this knowledge, we have developed precise, area-appropriate treatments that stop unwanted pests in their tracks while helping you achieve a happier and healthier outdoor space.

We Take a Custom Approach to Lawn Pest Control

We have a strong understanding of the pests that affect Wichita landscapes, but we also know that every yard is different. Issues vary from landscape to landscape, which is why we are committed to crafting customized lawn pest control treatments for homeowners.

Our skilled team will start by identifying your yard’s problem pests. From there, we can formulate a treatment plan designed to eliminate them and prevent their return later in the season.

We Provide Full-Service Lawn and Landscape Care

Many lawn pest control companies only provide that one service. But at Meadowlark Landscape & Design, we believe in comprehensive care for your landscape. From design to routine maintenance, we can do anything and everything related to your outdoor space.

When you schedule lawn pest control with us, you may consider our fertilization, weed control, lawn care, or other landscaping services as well. We can get you on a schedule to work toward achieving the yard you have alway dreamed of.

We Can Help You Enjoy a Better Outdoor Experience This Summer

There is nothing better than spending time outside on the patio or in the garden during the summer. But it is a lot less enjoyable when mosquitoes and other insects are rampant across your yard.

Thankfully, our lawn pest control services can help keep even the most persistent garden bugs in check. This way, you can make the most of the warmer weather and all your landscape has to offer throughout the season. Look forward to cookouts, pool time, gardening, and other summer activities free of pest nuisances.

Sign Up for Lawn Pest Control Services from Meadowlark Today

At Meadowlark Landscape & Design, we want to help you create an outdoor space that not only looks beautiful, but is liveable, too. To make this a reality, lawn pest control is a must.

Whether you need mosquito spray for your yard or a targeted solution to rid your garden roses of Japanese beetles, we have the skills and proper tools to take on any pest project. With our professional selection and application, you can say goodbye to unwanted insects for good and hello to a wholesome and thriving outdoor space.

Book pest control for your lawn now to secure a spot on our schedule. Call (316) 880-0227 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or send us a message.

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