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What to Know in Wichita: Winterizing Sprinklers and Water Features

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Our Landscaping Company Is Here to Take Care of the Process for You

In Wichita, winterization is absolutely necessary, no matter the type of water feature or sprinkler system you have installed in your landscape. Skipping this very necessary process can yield hazardous results.

Thankfully, Meadowlark Landscape and Design is here to help you prepare for the cold season, with tips for winterizing sprinklers, outdoor fountains, and decorative ponds. Follow these steps to learn more, and schedule an appointment with our landscaping company when you need the work done the right way.

Sprinkler Winterization in Wichita

Follow these steps to get your sprinkler system ready for winter.

  1. Turn off the water that runs to it. It should have a main valve located near your water meter. At the same time, shut off the valves that prevent backflow, if your system has them; systems using potable water usually have two.

  2. Turn off the timer, if your system has one.

  3. Drain any remaining water in your sprinkler system. Depending on the type of system you have, you will need to drain the water using one of these methods: Manual draining requires you to slowly open the valves one at a time to let water run out, then close them when it’s finished. The water supply is under pressure, so if you need to drain manually, protect your eyes. Automatic draining occurs when the water valve is shut off, which drops the water pressure. All you have to do is run one of the sprinkler heads after the supply is turned off. Be sure to loosen the solenoid in each valve to allow the water to flow out.

  4. Insulate all the above-ground sprinkler system components to complete your winterization in Wichita using foam covers and insulation tape. This includes the main shut-off valve, exposed pipes, and backflow preventers - ensuring you do not block air vents or drain outlets as you insulate.

Fountain Winterization in Wichita

If you have a decorative fountain in your Wichita landscaping, you’ll need to winterize it before the first freeze to reduce the risk of frozen pipes or damage to the water pump and other system components. If your fountain contains any fish or plants, you must remove them first before proceeding with the rest of winterization. If your fountain is portable, drain and disassemble it before storing it. If it is stationary, drain the pipes or tubing, and open the drain in the basin. Some people use an air compressor to blow water out of their fountains, but be careful that you don’t overdo it and damage the internal mechanisms. To prevent your fountain pipes from freezing, you can add RV antifreeze using a garden hose transfer pump. Disconnect the power and clean the pump to prevent algae build-up. Be sure to clean leaves out of your fountain; a leaf blower works well for this.

If you can, elevate your fountain to prevent the base from cracking. Store it in a dry location, preferably with a non-plastic cover.

Decorative Pond Winterization in Wichita

If you have a decorative pond with fish in your landscape, you will need to prepare it for winter to protect your swimming friends. Follow these steps for DIY pond winterization in Wichita.

  1. Remove leaves and debris that have collected in your pond using a net. Be sure to scoop all the way to the bottom.

  2. Put a pond net over your pond to prevent any additional debris from accumulating and decaying. After the leaves are done falling, you can remove the net.

  3. Prepare your pond’s plant life for winter. This includes trimming back any dead foliage that could decompose in the water and trimming your water lilies.

  4. Add cold-water bacteria to keep your pond water clear and free of decaying plant matter and other algae.

If you leave your pond’s water pump running, be sure to check that no ice blockages form. Keep a pond de-icer on hand just in case. If you shut down your pond for the winter, you’ll need to take additional steps, including removing your pump from the pond, draining any plumbing, and cleaning the filter. You may also need to add a recirculating pump to your pond so your fish - if you have them - get plenty of oxygen from the water around them. Remember to prepare your fish for hibernation by feeding them until the temperature drops below 50 degrees, which is when their metabolism and digestion slows.

Our Wichita, KS Landscapers Can Help You Winterize Sprinklers This Fall

Like the idea of doing-it-yourself, but want an expert hand to take control? Don’t worry! If you need help winterizing sprinklers or decorative fountains in your landscape, contact Meadowlark Landscape and Design, a lawn care and Wichita landscaping company. In addition to winterization, we also offer an array of landscaping services meant to help you create beautiful and healthy outdoor spaces in all seasons.

Request service by calling us at (316) 880-0227, or by sending us a message via our website.

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