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The Ultimate Lawn Checklist for the Year Ahead from Our Landscaping Services Team

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Your Wichita Landscaping Can Look It’s Absolute Best All Year Long with Help from Meadowlark Landscape & Design

Your lawn and garden require ongoing maintenance, and skipping just one season of it can set you back to a time when lush landscaping was only something you dreamt of.

It also makes it harder to get back to the beautiful garden you once had - and even the landscaping company you were working with will have to overcome these hurdles.

To keep your landscaping looking its best throughout all four seasons, follow our handy task checklist, or hire our landscaping service professionals to do it for you.

Fall Landscaping Tasks

In the fall, your landscaping tasks predominantly focus on preparing garden beds for overwintering and cleaning up the remains of annual plantings.

  1. Pull out weeds by the root to decrease the number that will pop up in spring.

  2. Dispose of diseased leaves that have fallen from the trees. Do not compost them.

  3. Trim back perennials, leaving only the stem to indicate where they’re planted.

  4. Add an inch or two of compost into your garden beds, along with fine bark mulch around trees, shrubs, and perennials.

  5. Fertilize and reseed your lawn, following up with another round of fertilizer in six to eight weeks.

  6. Mulch healthy leaves that have piled up.

  7. Plant new bulbs.

  8. Mow your lawn shorter than usual to prepare for dormancy.

  9. Clean all your lawn tools before storing them over the winter.

  10. Containerize and bring houseplants indoors for the winter.

  11. Plant containers of winter foliage to add curb appeal to your home and yard.

Winter Landscaping Tasks

There isn’t much to do in your garden in the winter, especially as snow falls in Wichita. But you can take advantage of your time indoors by preparing for spring.

  1. Pre-order seeds, bulbs, or plants in advance of spring.

  2. Sow seeds under a grow light to get your garden started.

  3. Plan new landscape designs you’d like to implement on your property, such as paths, a feature, or garden bed.

  4. Search for a landscape design company near you to implement your new ideas.

  5. Care for your containerized plants.

  6. Maintain heated water features, like decorative ponds and bird baths.

  7. Apply animal repellent to protect your woody plants and their roots from critters like deer and rabbits.

  8. Continue composting household food waste, as appropriate.

  9. Prune shrubs and trees to prepare them for growth and blooming in spring.

Spring Landscaping Tasks

Spring is the time to get excited for what your landscape will bring during the warm days of summer. But there’s still much to do if you want your Wichita landscaping to maintain its lushness and beauty.

  1. Maintain the edges of your garden bed to keep the lines crisp and prevent grass from creeping in from the lawn.

  2. Prune azaleas and rhododendron after they’ve bloomed, and it’s clear which parts need trimming.

  3. Divide perennials that are overcrowded.

  4. Test your soil in your garden beds to ensure it has the proper pH and nutrients.

  5. Fertilize and aerate your lawn.

  6. Inspect your irrigation system to ensure it’s in proper working order.

  7. Dethatch your lawn. Any dead grass or other debris on the surface of your lawn can thin grass growth.

  8. Begin weeding early on, pulling weeds out by the roots and never composting them.

  9. Plant spring annuals when appropriate in your zone.

  10. Plant your vegetable garden when appropriate.

  11. Add compost to garden beds in a thin layer after planting.

Summer Landscaping Tasks

The summer is your landscape’s time to shine. With blooms in their full glory and green leaves rustling in the breeze, there’s still much to do. But at least you’re surrounded by beauty while you do your garden chores.

  1. Trim back bulb foliage that has gone dormant and use your pruners to dead-head your flowers.

  2. Prune spring-blooming shrubs on old wood.

  3. Pull weeds as soon as you see them.

  4. Fill empty spots in your perennials with versatile annuals, like begonias. Create splashes of color in otherwise dull areas after spring plants are done blooming.

  5. Apply pest repellent as soon as you notice them becoming an issue.

  6. Use water-soluble plant food to nourish your flowers.

  7. Care for pollinators by avoiding heavy use of pesticides, creating a butterfly waterer, and planting flowers that feed them throughout all parts of their lifecycle.

  8. Mow your lawn regularly.

  9. Water your lawn and gardens, avoiding the hottest part of the day.

Need to Hire Landscaping Companies to Get It All Done?

It’s OK if you need help with your home landscaping. It takes years to become an expert in caring for plants, managing a lawn, and designing gorgeous outdoor areas.

Our team at Meadowlark Landscape & Design knows how to keep your yard and garden healthy and looking like perfection in all four seasons.

Let us help you embrace an outdoors lifestyle in your own home. Contact us at (316) 880-0227 to schedule a consultation to learn how we can transform your home’s outdoor space into one that you can’t wait to spend time in. Or, send us a message online to get started.

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