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Patio Design Trends Perfect for Every Season

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Our Landscape Design Company Near You Makes Your Outdoor Space Usable All Year Long

Your back and front yards are extensions of your home, and using it as such maximizes your space for entertaining and relaxing. If you have a patio - or if you want a patio - our Wichita landscaping company can set you up with one and help you brainstorm lots of creative landscape design ideas so you can enjoy it year-round. Get inspired with these patio design trends, and give us a call when you’re ready to make yours a reality.

Outdoor Kitchens

A design trends report by the National Kitchen and Bath Association says that the majority of homeowners would consider adding an outdoor kitchen to their patio area - a whopping 60 percent! Outdoor kitchens allow for food preparation to supplement a home’s main kitchen, while allowing the whole family to enjoy fresh air and delicious gourmet food at mealtimes. Outdoor kitchens can include a grill, of course, but pizza ovens, prep space, and even food storage are common additions. Complete the functionality of your outdoor kitchen with a seating area suitable for dining and hanging out together as a family. Hardscape design is necessary when it comes to building an outdoor kitchen. Our Wichita landscaping company can handle all of the hard work for you, so you can enjoy your new outdoor space.

Kitchen Gardens

Fresh herbs and veggies have a huge impact on a homemade meal. There are no fresher ingredients available than those you pick yourself and immediately incorporate into your dinner. The concept of kitchen gardens isn’t new. In fact, kitchen gardens have been used for centuries. These are separate from decorative garden spaces, and are relatively small - generally no larger than 200 square feet. Kitchen gardens provide convenient access to produce just outside the home. To keep your kitchen garden separate from the rest of your yard, you might want to place it inside raised beds with decorative stone borders, or beneath an enclosure to keep pesky critters from stealing the fruits of your labor. A landscape design company near you can help you find the best location for your kitchen garden near your patio and set it up so that it’s ready for planting.

Shade Structures

Pergolas and gazebos have always been popular, but with people spending more time at home, and heading outside for leisure, they’re important additions to your patio. Shade structures protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. But they also add a vertical element to your landscape design that draws the eye up. Complete your shade structure with climbing vines or draped outdoor fabric curtains to add a feel of luxury to your patio. Shade structures can also make your patio feel more private, especially in neighborhoods where you live close to your neighbors.

Multi-Purpose Patio Areas

It’s nice to have a patio for your grill and outdoor table, but massive patios allow you to divide it into areas that get you more use out of your hardscaping. The geometric shape and size of your patio can help you divide it into usable areas, such as a dining area, a chat area, a cooking area, and a patio garden area. Dividing it into various spaces means you can use your patio for everything, from entertaining, to spending a relaxing weekend day, to harvesting produce for your dinner salad. And the bigger the patio, the less green space you’ll need to mow. Accent your patio with lush perennial and annual flowers, including purple bursts of allium for springtime, summer wildflowers, and potted mums for autumn.

Fire Pits

Extend your patio’s use beyond warm weather days with a fire pit to stay cozy into fall. A fire pit can be basic - an array of wallstone stacked into a ring shape - or more complex, with thin stone veneers and other rustic hardscaping elements that look permanent and complement the look of your home’s exterior. Or, you can opt for a pre-built steel fire pit surrounded with hardy coniferous shrubs that stay green all year. The uses for fire pits are plentify. Use it for dinner cookouts, toasting s’mores for dessert, or gathering around with a shared bottle of wine and your favorite people for some camaraderie. Fire pits are literally at the center of your outdoor gatherings, and will always be trending!

Rely on Landscaping Companies to Create the Patio of Your Dreams

Beautify your outdoor space and make them more functional for your lifestyle with a patio made of concrete, pavers, or natural flagstone. Try your favorite design trend on for size, and you’ll soon see why outdoor living spaces are so popular right now. When it’s time for a new patio or to upgrade your existing one, contact Meadowlark Landscape & Design. Our team can help you select plants, maintain your yard, and create an inviting patio area. Contact us online or give us a call at 316-880-0227 to schedule your consultation.

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