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How Your Yard Can Help Fight Climate Change

Updated: Sep 21

Your Property’s Landscape Design Matters! Consider These Backyard Landscaping Ideas.

Your Wichita landscaping could help fight climate change - the cause of unpredictable weather in recent decades due to too much carbon in the atmosphere. But how? The easiest way to cut off the carbon is through photosynthesis, a process that green plants go through to produce their own nourishment - and make oxygen. Yes, your lawn and all your trees and landscape plants follow this very process to grow and thrive.

Consider these tips from the National Association of Landscape Professionals and Meadowlark Landscape & Design as you make environmentally friendly changes to your lawn care habits.

Avoid Monocultures in Your Turf Grass

Although turfgrass captures carbon and turns it into organic matter, improving soil quality, monocultures, or areas of single plant species, like lawns, do not provide adequate nutrients to native creatures, including important pollinating insects. You can still have a healthy and beautiful lawn without it being 100 percent turfgrass. Our Wichita, KS lawn care team can help you choose the right grass species and native plants to pair with it and keep your lawn healthy. Native ground covers may even require less frequent mowing, making your yard a low maintenance landscaping dream.

Plant Trees and Shrubs

The more trees and shrubs you plant in your Wichita landscape, the better they do at sequestering carbon, producing oxygen, and filtering the air you breathe. It’s especially important to choose native trees - an oak varietal is a smart choice in our area. Native trees thrive in our climate and soil and will require less continual maintenance.

Turn the Heat Down in Winter with Smart Landscape Design

Screening shrubs, also called windblock plantings, can keep cold winter winds from directly hitting your home. With less wind whipping at your windows, you can turn your heat down. By reducing your energy consumption, you are helping to fight climate change.

Keep the Air Conditioner on Low in Summer with Shade Trees

Just as you can plant a windblock to save on your heating bill, cut your cooling bill by planting shade trees around your home. Choose the right places, and adult trees will shade your home, reducing the heat it absorbs from the sun. A landscape designer can show you where it’s best to plant shade trees on your property.

Switch to an Electric or Human-Powered Lawn Mower

Gas lawn mowers contribute to up to 5 percent of the U.S. air pollution, according to the Environmental Protection Agency - and Americans use 800 million gallons of gasoline per year, just to mow their lawns. About 17 million of those gallons of gasoline are spilled during the process! By switching to electric or human-powered lawn mowers for your Wichita, KS lawn care duties, you can help cut back on the air pollution caused by this household chore.

Opt for a Landscape Design That’s Appropriate for Our Climate Zone and Soil Conditions

Even if you are not a plant expert, you can still choose plants for your garden or landscaping that will thrive in our area and require less watering. Plants best adapted to Wichita’s climate are those that are native to central Kansas. Ask your landscape design expert at Meadowlark for more information about plants to include in your flower beds and foundation plantings by requesting low maintenance landscaping. If you need more inspiration, search for backyard landscaping ideas on your favorite web search engine; environmentally-friendly homeowners are always happy to share their advice in special-interest groups on social media, too.

Meadowlark Can Help You Fight Climate Change By Creating a Beautiful Landscape Design for Your Yard

If you are ready to do your part to slow climate change, your first course of action is to assess how well your current lawn and garden performs. A landscape design expert from Meadowlark Landscape & Design can help you come up with ideas, while our team of technicians keeps your lawn and plants healthy and happy. Healthy plants can then perform their job of photosynthesis and create clean oxygen for us all to breathe. If you are not sure where to start, book our Wichita, KS lawn care service and let the team know you are interested in ensuring the local fauna have the nutrients they need available to them in your yard. Get on our schedule by requesting an appointment online, or start your landscape design journey with our team today. We will help you change your Wichita landscaping for the better.

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