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Hardscaping Features That Enhance Your Backyard Landscape Design

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Meadowlark Landscape & Design Can Create Your Perfect Outdoor Oasis

Hardscaping, as opposed to landscaping, is using non-living elements and structures in a backyard landscape design to enhance and define outdoor spaces. Instead of using plants, trees, and shrubs, hardscaping uses stone, brick, pavers, wood, and other materials.

Hardscaping can serve as the backbone of a backyard landscape design, providing structure and organization to a yard or garden while providing a relaxing place to entertain guests or just enjoy the evening.

An advantage of hardscaping is that, once installed, it endures. Annual flowers last for only a few months, but well-constructed walkways, patios, and walls last for decades. Our design experts at Meadowlark Landscape & Design, your landscapers in Wichita, Kansas, specialize in backyard hardscaping services. We can create a backyard oasis that will add to your home’s value while providing many other benefits.

Most Popular Backyard Hardscaping Elements

A quality backyard landscape design increases functionality of your yard. Read on for the most popular backyard hardscaping elements we provide at Meadowlark Landscape & Design.

Add Fire Pits and Fireplaces to Your Backyard Landscape Design

Popular hardscaping elements are fire pits and fireplaces where friends or family can gather. You can sit next to a crackling fire, the kids making s’mores, while you engage in conversations with your loved ones. Evenings like this are how you make good memories.

A fire pit or an outdoor fireplace creates a focal point in your landscape design, adding elegance to your patio and enhancing its appeal. Meadowlark Landscape & Design has years of experience in designing the perfect fire pit or fireplace and provides free estimates.

Patios and Decks Create Multi-Functional Spaces

Other fantastic backyard landscape design elements are patios and decks, which can expand your outdoor living space. Whether you use pavers, natural stone, concrete, timbers, or other materials, you have a wide array of design options open to you.

Patios and decks are versatile spaces that can be used for multiple events and activities. Whether you want to exercise, dine al fresco, entertain guests, or simply relax and bask in the sun, a well-designed patio can act as an all-purpose element of your hardscape, making it functional and enjoyable for everyone.

Your patio or deck can be the centerpiece of your backyard. Our professional landscape installers will create the perfect setting for your outdoor retreat. Schedule a free backyard landscape design consultation with us today.

Use Lighting to Transform your Backyard Landscape

A design with the right kind of lights can transform the atmosphere and add mystery and beauty to your backyard hardscape, while allowing you to use your outdoor space long into the night. Thoughtfully placed lighting fixtures can make the space look magical, creating an inviting ambiance when you are entertaining family and friends.

Whether you have string lights hung over a patio, subtle pathway lights guiding you through your night garden, or strategically-positioned wall sconces, outdoor lighting increases the beauty of your backyard hardscape while also ensuring your safety.

The right choice of lighting can accentuate architectural features of the outdoor area, highlight landscaping elements, and add a touch of the dramatic to water features. The right lighting can turn outdoor rooms into enchanted retreats that beckon your family to spend more time outside. Ask Meadowlark Landscape & Design to include lighting upgrades in your landscape design project.

Create Walls and Planters

Landscaping walls are a fantastic addition to a backyard hardscape, adding practical and aesthetic benefits. Retaining walls and raised stone planters add height and dimension to your landscape.

Retaining walls stabilize soil on slopes, preventing erosion and creating level surfaces for different activities. A series of landscape walls can be used to create separate garden tiers, accessible by stairs and paths, turning a steep, unmowable hillside into a multi-level sanctuary. Drooping or spillable flowers or cascading greenery make a stunning addition to your backyard landscape design.

Raised planters can be made of stone, cedar, paver blocks, or timbers, offering a delightful way to showcase vibrant flowers, lush ornamental grasses, or even to grow your own herbs and vegetables.

You can also incorporate seating into your retaining wall by turning it into a concrete bench with cushions on it. A tall retaining wall can be dressed up by hanging colorful planters off it, making the perfect place to create a vertical garden. Or use a retaining wall to push back a hill next to your patio, giving you more space to entertain.

Contact the Best Landscapers in Wichita, Kansas, to Create Your Backyard Retreat

Meadowlark Landscape & Design uses industry-standard, quality materials for all your hardscape installations. Our landscapers focus on beauty and durability, so our professionally-installed hardscaping will last for years.

Are you looking for custom backyard landscape design ideas? Let us know. We are happy to answer any questions about our services. Fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible, or you can call us during normal business hours.

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