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Fall Patio Ideas: Using Your Hardscaping As the Weather Cools

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

How Our Landscaping Company Can Change How You Enjoy The Outdoors

Patio fun does not stop when summer ends! Extend the use of your hardscaping and patio well into autumn with these fun fall ideas, including planting foliage, hosting parties, and taking the opportunity to update your design. Do not prematurely coop yourself up indoors! Head out into your backyard and garden to enjoy the last remaining days of pleasant weather before the Wichita winter hits. (And do not forget about fall lawn care, like fertilization, seeding, and aerating!)

Expand Your Patio Hardscaping

If you found over the summer that your patio was a tad too small for all the furnishings you wanted to have on it, it’s time to expand your hardscaping with natural bluestone or other organic stone material instead of poured concrete. With a stone patio, you can always add onto it later because natural stone weathers differently from manmade materials. It will blend fairly seamlessly together, so changes to the space won’t be as glaringly obvious as the difference in ages of concrete slabs. If you opt to expand your patio in the fall, you’ll be all set for the arrival of spring and won’t need to wait to enjoy the outdoor living spaces around your home.

Add a Firepit to Your Hardscaping

Make use of your patio during cooler months by adding a built-in or standalone firepit to your hardscaping. You and your family will be able to make memories roasting marshmallows or hot dogs or simply gathering together around the fire and enjoying one another’s company. With so many designs available - and with the help of the design team at Meadowlark - you can get a firepit that complements the architectural style of your home.

Plant Mums and Other Fall Foliage In Place of Summer Blooms

Keep your Wichita landscaping looking colorful and lush by planting autumnal flowers and foliage around your patio and along hardscaped garden walls. Mums are a classic rounding perennial that come back year after year if you opt to plant them in the ground. (Their root systems will freeze in pots.) Our landscaping service team also can select other plants to fill in your fall flower beds.

Host an Autumn Party on Your Patio for Your Friends and Family

An outdoor living space is basically an extension of your home. Put your hardscapes, especially your patio, to good use this fall by hosting a party for your family and friends. Set up yard games and other activities outside, and serve fall treats like hot spiced cider, pumpkin pie, and chili. Your patio becomes the focal point of the party when you decorate it with gourds and bales of straw. Have a pumpkin-carving contest to see who can come up with the most creative design. Protect your patio and other hardscaping with drop cloths to prevent a stray pumpkin seed from sowing itself in your yard or garden.

Make a Plan for Snow Removal from Your Hardscaping

It’s not all fun and games this fall. If you use your backyard even during the winter - like letting your dogs outside, for example - then you will need to start thinking about how you’ll clear snow from your hardscaping, including your patio and walkways.

Talk to us - your Wichita landscaping service - to learn how to remove ice and snow properly without damaging your natural stone. Then, start gathering your supplies so you’re ready before the first snow or ice storm.

Beautify Your Backyard with Hardscaping by Meadowlark Landscape & Design

What if you do not yet have a patio, walkways, or hardscaped stone walls in your backyard? If you want them, the professional designers at Meadowlark in Wichita can help you transform your backyard into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of. Simply meet with us to talk about your goals for your space. Then, we will take a look at it in person and come up with ideas and an estimate for adding gorgeous and useful hardscaping, such as a natural stone patio, walkways, garden walls, a stone fire pit, and more. Once you approve your design, we’ll get to work making it a reality, and soon your backyard will be the hottest gathering spot for your friends and family in Wichita. And while we are there, we can make suggestions for beautifying your lawn and plantings to keep them healthy and weed-free throughout the year. All it takes is one phone call or email to Meadowlark Landscape & Design. Contact us today to get started.

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