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Drought-Resistant Plants for Low-Maintenance Landscapes

In the realm of landscaping, the quest for a vibrant and lush outdoor space often comes with the challenge of water conservation, especially in regions prone to drought. Fortunately, there's a solution: drought-resistant plants. These hardy beauties not only survive but thrive in dry conditions, making them perfect candidates for low-maintenance landscapes that don't sacrifice beauty for sustainability.

At Meadowlark Landscape & Design, we believe in creating landscapes that are both stunning and environmentally conscious. Here are a selection of drought-resistant plants that will bring color, texture, and vitality to your outdoor oasis, even during the driest of spells.

Color Guard Yucca

With its striking variegated foliage and architectural form, the Color Guard Yucca adds a dramatic flair to any landscape. This tough succulent thrives in hot, dry conditions and requires minimal water once established, making it an ideal choice for low-maintenance gardens and xeriscapes.

Blonde Ambition Blue Gramma Grass

Add movement and texture to your landscape with Blonde Ambition Blue Gramma Grass. This ornamental grass features airy blond seed heads that sway gracefully in the breeze, creating visual interest year-round. Drought-tolerant and adaptable to various soil types, it's a versatile choice for borders, mass plantings, or container gardens.

Blue Spruce Stonecrop Sedum

Looking for a pop of color and texture in your drought-resistant garden? Look no further than the Blue Spruce Stonecrop Sedum. With its succulent blue-green foliage and clusters of star-shaped pink flowers, this groundcover adds charm and resilience to rock gardens, slopes, and dry borders.

Harlequin Pink BeardTongue

Embrace the beauty of native plants with the Harlequin Pink BeardTongue. This perennial wildflower showcases spikes of tubular pink blooms atop slender stems, attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies to the garden. Drought-resistant and low-maintenance, it's a delightful addition to wildflower meadows, cottage gardens, and naturalistic landscapes.


Karl Fuchs Cedar

This majestic evergreen tree showcases silvery blue needles and gracefully pendulous branches that gently sway at the tips. In spring, its vibrant blue new growth transitions to a lush green, creating a striking visual display. Best of all, this cultivar requires minimal pruning to maintain its natural splendor, reaching its peak beauty when left untouched.

Jazz Little Bluestem

Bring a touch of prairie charm to your landscape with Jazz Little Bluestem. This native grass features slender blue-green foliage that turns shades of red, orange, and purple in the fall, providing year-round interest. Drought-tolerant and adaptable, it's a low-maintenance option for naturalistic plantings, meadows, and erosion control.


Versatile, hardy, and bursting with color, Yarrow is a must-have for any drought-resistant garden. This perennial herb produces clusters of flat-topped flowers in shades of yellow, pink, or white, attracting beneficial insects and butterflies. It's perfect for borders, cottage gardens, and pollinator habitats.


At Meadowlark Landscape & Design, we're here to help you design and implement a low-maintenance garden that brings beauty and resilience to your outdoor space. Contact us today to learn more about incorporating drought-resistant plants into your landscape design.

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