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Backyard Landscaping Ideas: Spring Blooms That Add a Pop of Color

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

flower bed garden with a gravel road in front of it

Plus, How Meadowlark’s Landscaping Services Can Help You Start the Growing Season Off Right

After a long, cold, and gray winter, the striking blooms of spring are just what the doctor ordered. Their vibrance and show-stopping beauty never ceases to impress us and lift our spirits.

But as we all know, not just any flowers should be grown in your yard. The zone you live in, time of year, and where you want to plant all factor into choosing the right ones.

At Meadowlark Landscape & Design, we provide landscaping services to make designing your dream outdoor space easier than ever. We’ll work with you to select plants that are equally good for your unique garden needs and Wichita’s climate.

To get you started with some backyard landscaping ideas, we have rounded up four of our favorite Midwest-friendly blooms for a colorful yard this spring.


Geraniums are loved by both beginner and seasoned gardeners alike thanks to their ability to produce long-lasting, vivid blooms with low landscaping maintenance. They come in a full range of colors and sizes, so there is something for every need and preference.

Zonal geraniums are the most common type and grow blooms in hues of white, red, yellow, pink, orange, and more. Hardy and drought resistant, they do well almost anywhere in a yard - as long as they are getting plenty of sun. There is also an ivy variety, which is ideal for creating a waterfall of color on a trellis or over a landscaping wall.

Geraniums are vulnerable to common pests like aphids, cabbage loopers, and fall cankerworms, which makes a treatment plan a good idea to keep these ornamental plants thriving. As part of our landscaping services, we provide lawn pest control so you can continue enjoying your garden to the fullest.


If you want a flower that looks as good in a vase as it does in your yard, look no further than zinnias. These annuals put on a rainbow display and flower all the way until the first frost of fall, meaning you will enjoy plentiful blooms all throughout the season. Plus, they are a great choice for attracting pollinators.

There are three types of zinnias - single, semi-double, and double - distinguished by their rows of petals and whether the flower’s center is visible. Taller varieties look best toward the back of a garden bed, but shorter varieties are perfect for edging.

Taller zinnias can grow up to four feet, making landscape maintenance a real chore. Our flower bed landscaping services take the less-fun parts of gardening off your plate. Our crew will come by weekly, twice a month, or as often as you need to clean up flower beds, apply weed spot-spray and pre-emergent treatments, deadhead spent blooms, and more.

Bleeding Hearts

It’s not hard to see why bleeding hearts have captured the hearts of so many gardeners. Their romantic, locket-like flowers in pink, red, or white dangle from long, arching stems, making for a sophisticated and striking addition to any landscape.

For all the drama they serve when they bloom, bleeding hearts are surprisingly easy to care for. Because they are a woodland plant by nature, they grow best in rich, moist soil in light shade or partial sun. They reach roughly two feet high and 30 inches wide. These perennials are excellent for shaded borders and pair well with other moisture-loving plants like hostas and ferns.

Bleeding hearts are unattractive to most pests, but that doesn’t mean they are stranger to the all-too-familiar aphid. Taking advantage of our landscaping services for lawn pest control will ensure all components of your yard are safe from unwanted insects.


With several sizes and hues to choose from, phlox adds welcome variety to your spring garden. These five-petaled flower clusters bloom in pink, red, white, purple, and even two-tone combinations and look beautiful planted in a monochrome or mixed-color scheme.

Creeping phlox, sometimes referred to as moss phlox, is low-profile and works well as ground cover. On the other hand, garden phlox averages between three and five feet in height, so they’re best for creating an eye-catching backdrop. With so many different types of phlox, there are several approaches to conditions and care. Taller species thrive in full sun while woodland varieties prefer partial shade.

Whether tall or short, phlox can be tricky to weed because of their abundance of blooms. And while we can all appreciate these flowers’ burst of color, it can result in messy garden beds that don’t have the same appeal as when they were first planted. We have made it our job to help you maintain your flower beds with professional, routine landscaping services, keeping your garden in pristine condition all season long.

Take Your Spring Garden to the Next Level With Meadowlark’s Landscaping Services

Whatever your landscaping needs this season, Meadowlark is ready to spring into action. Our Wichita landscaping team can turn your outdoor dreams into reality, helping you choose the right hardscaping, plants, grass, and shrubs and installing them with high attention to detail.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to update your existing garden, our years of experience and commitment to excellence delivers results worthy of a magazine cover.

To learn more about our landscaping services and what we can do for you, call us at (316) 880-0227 or email We can’t wait to hear from you!

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