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7 Tips for Lawn Care Maintenance You Need to Know Right Now

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Contact Our Wichita Landscape Maintenance Company for Help Year Round

Lawn care maintenance isn’t necessarily difficult, but it can be puzzling, particularly for someone who is new to the concept, or who simply doesn’t have the time or energy to devote to it.

For people like this - perhaps even you - it’s a smart idea to sign up for landscape maintenance near you, to have a professional come out and care for your lawn. Not only will this free up your time to dedicate to things that matter to you, but you’ll also end up with the healthiest, greenest lawn in your neighborhood, without lifting a finger. And who doesn’t want that?

But if you’re thinking of DIYing your lawn care this summer, check out our seven favorite tips for a healthy lawn.

Never Mow Your Lawn Too Short

If you mow your lawn too short, you risk damaging your grass. A sure sign of this is your grass turning a yellow-brown color. This occurs because the grass is using the energy it stores in its roots instead of getting energy from photosynthesis - a process that makes plants grow. A good rule of thumb is to cut only ⅓ of the height of your grass, and never any more. However, the length you cut your grass also depends on the type of grass that grows in your yard, how often it gets water, outdoor temperature, and more. That’s why it’s often wise to rely on a lawn maintenance service to care for your lawn to produce the best results: the healthiest lawn on the block.

Water Your Lawn in the Morning

Watering first thing in the morning is ideal, because the sun from the day will help dry the grass. Watering too late in the day could scorch your lawn. And watering at night could cause grass disease due to standing water.

The amount of water your lawn needs greatly depends on the type of grass planted, recent rainfall, and outdoor temperature, too.

Maintain a Regular Lawn Maintenance Schedule

Creating a lawn care and maintenance schedule will help you keep track of what to do and when, so your lawn is healthy and happy. As long as your grass is growing, you should mow regularly. Grass can grow between two and six inches every month; at the fastest growth rate, that means you should mow at least every 10 days. Slower-growing grass should be mown less frequently - and remember to never mow too short.

Prevent Weeds Before They Grow

It’s certainly easier to prevent weed growth than it is to spend hours in your yard, pulling them by hand. Using a pre-emergent weed killer can eliminate weeds and prevent their seeds from sprouting. Pre-emergent herbicides only work before weeks sprout, so you’ll need to ensure your pre-emergent treatments happen early in the spring. Both natural and chemical herbicides can help prevent weed growth, but if you aren’t sure how to care for your Wichita lawn, you’ll want to call in a landscape maintenance professional, like Meadowlark Landscape and Design.

Plant Warm Season Grass Seed in Spring

If you’re spreading grass seed this spring, make sure it’s a warm-season grass for best growth results. Two commonly grown in Kansas lawns are bermudagrass or buffalograss. And if you’re planting in autumn, you’ll want to ensure it’s a cool-season grass, such as Kentucky bluegrass or soft fescue.

If you choose the wrong one for the season, you’ll likely see limited growth after seeding, and you’ll need to reseed more frequently.

Keep Debris Off Your Lawn

It’s a no-brainer: if your grass is covered by debris, it will affect how your grass grows. Debris can include construction materials from an outdoor project you’re working on, leaf litter, or even the leftovers your dogs or other pets deposit.

Anything left laying on your grass will likely kill any grass underneath it, or result in spotty brown patches all over your yard. A clean lawn is easier to keep healthy and will result in less work than one that sustained damage from debris.

Feed Your Lawn

Don’t overlook any element of landscape maintenance, including fertilization. Your lawn needs nutrients to grow healthy and full, including nitrogen, the element responsible for keeping your grass green. But overfeeding your lawn also can cause problems.

Once you’ve determined what your lawn needs, you can establish a feeding schedule that fulfills them. Or you can turn to our lawn maintenance service, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

How to Schedule Lawn Care Maintenance in Wichita

The time is right to contact Meadowlark Landscape and Design for our lawn maintenance services. Get on our schedule now, and you’ll be all set when spring rolls around.

One of our experts will talk to you about your expectations, check out your yard, and make recommendations for our lawn care work to you. Once you agree on a scope of work, we’ll ensure your lawn is cared for.

Call Meadowlark today to sign up at (316) 880-0227, or send us an email at

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