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3 Ways to Use a Stone Patio in Wichita

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Enjoy Wichita Weather in Style on a Stone Patio Built by the Expert Landscapers of Wichita, KS

As more and more folks get the fear-of-missing-out when seeing their friends and family enjoy warm summer nights, and cold falls and winters on their stone patios, we’re getting many questions - and coming up with some smart ideas - for hardscaping.

A stone patio is a great place for cocktail hour, a fire pit, or a built-in barbecue pit, for cozy outdoor living and entertaining. So, when you’re searching for ideas, don’t forget that it isn’t complete without the expert advice from a hardscaping and landscaping company that also specializes in outdoor-living comfort and scenic solutions for your backyard.

Host a Cocktail Hour on Your Stone Patio

We’re fans of the beautiful weather in Wichita. As proud local landscapers, Meadowlark Landscape & Design wants to be sure you are enjoying the weather and getting the most out of your outdoor space.

For us, this means including hardscaping in the form of a stone patio. A patio is an outstanding place to entertain guests outdoors with the right furnishings. While an extended stone patio also can serve as an outdoor space for a dinner party or celebration, even a modest one is ideal for drinks and appetizers with friends. You can keep the party going, too, by installing a television nearby so that cocktail hour can evolve into game time (Go Shockers!).

Classic Fire Pit for Cozying Up with Friends and Family

A stone patio can be made even better with a fire pit. Folks gathered around the fire pit is now an iconic image of an American family at play, right alongside the barbecue grill and the swing set.

Your stone patio can include a seamlessly-integrated fire pit. Then, you can utilize our hardscaping and landscaping services to create the perfect planting design that will compliment your stone color, patio furniture, and other furnishings.

A Wichita landscaping company like Meadowlark Landscape & Design wants to see you outside enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. We are committed to your enjoyment of your backyard.

Go with a Built-In Barbecue Pit to Complement Your Patio

Another way to bring a bit of fire and smoke to your stone patio is with the inclusion of a built-in barbecue pit.

If you know you’re going to be smoking meat regularly, and you don’t like the addition of a metal smoker on your brand-new patio, you can integrate a built-in barbecue pit with the same hardscaping materials and design scheme as your stone patio.

What’s smart about a built-in barbecue pit is that with a careful design, it can double as a fire pit for s’mores and entertaining after the feast.

Like These Tips? Consider Stone Patios Done by the Pros

Whether you’re having a sophisticated cocktail hour, a semi-competitive barbecue tournament with your buddies, or a graduation party, Meadowlark Landscape & Design wants to participate in all the celebrations and joys that outdoor life on a stone patio has to offer.

Our on-trend, careful craftsmanship approach to designing enjoyable outdoor living features for our customers goes a long way toward delivering results you’ll love living with.

More Landscaping Services to Help You Enjoy Your Stone Patio and Yard Year-Round

Meadowlark Landscape & Design offers consistent, thorough services year-round. A local Wichita landscaping company, we think of our clients as family - and, because of this - we want you to have the very best outdoor spaces in all of Kansas.

This is why we offer year-round services for lawn maintenance, prevention, and beautification. Think of us in the fall for seeding and winterizing, in the winter for hardscape projects like a stone patio or firepit, in the spring for fertilization and clean up, or in the summer for insect spraying and brown spot treating.

Contact the Experts for Landscaping in Wichita, KS

Give us a call at (316) 880-0227 or send us a message online for your stone patio needs and any other landscaping projects. Our team of professionals are here to listen, and bring out the best in your lawn through hardscaping and landscaping services.

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